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Glad´s House

8 Driftway
RG27 9SB Hook, Hampshire
United Kingdom

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Contact person: Clifford J Ferguson


Glad´s House began in 2006 after Vicky, our Development Director, spent part of her gap year in Mombasa volunteering with street children. Glad´s House´ is a young charity, based in UK, who aims to help these street children return to a ´normal´ way of life.
Glad´s House started small, initially shipping out sporting equipment to our local partner, Mombasa Olympic Youth Organisation (MOYO). MOYO is now integrated into Glad´s House, as our sport section.

Thousands of young people live on the streets of Mombasa, Kenya. For these children life has always been a struggle for survival, often leading to the misuse of alcohol, drugs and a life of crime. Our purpose is to help as many ´street children & youths´ as possible so that they can lead a ´normal life´ and realise their potential. We achieve this in following ways:
• We try to reunite children with their families using our team of social workers. Alternatively, we place the children with foster families.
• We place the children in full-time education. We also support higher education for them.
• We use our sports programmes to engage with the children & youths and provide practical and emotional support.
• Our enterprise schemes provide training and apprenticeships for young adults.

Our vision
Glad´s House is building a community-based child-care and support facility for street children as well as for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and the local community. The project involves a process known as the 4-Rs: Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-socialisation and Reintegration.

• Community Cooker Project: A cooker that uses the trash as fuel to feed the poor, provide hot water and destroy toxic waste, as well as curbing the destruction of woodlands.
• Refuge building: The centre for our work – a home for 60 70 ´street children´ whilst we help them reintegrate back into the community.
• Sports Hall/Youth Club: Our partners MOYO use sport to engage with the young people, we need a sports hall and equipment.
• Glad´s House Caddies: We have the opportunity to provide the caddies for the new Vipingo Ridge Golf Course. Young volunteers need to be trained, suitably clothed and housed.
• Glad´s House Bikes: We are going to be the Kenyan representative of the UK charity Re distributing bikes and teaching skills to repair and maintain them.
• und schooling: Many street children have expressed their desire to go back to school – this is one of the limited options to help them escape poverty
• Fund an Apprentice: Equipping young people with a trade, valuable skills and a start-up loan for a brighter, self-reliant future.

Clifford J Ferguson is the Chairman of Glad´s House.

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