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Nütec e.V. (Natürliche Überlebenstechnik Münsterland e.V.)

Zumsandestr. 15
48145 Münster

Telefon: +49 (0)251 136027
Adresse e-mail:deininger@nuetec.de
Interlocuteur: Peter Deininger

Les Thèmes

Nütec, founded in 2001, is active in the town of Münster (Germany) and the surrounding region, working to spread knowledge and develop new environment-friendly techniques in the area of renewable energy, renewable raw materials and natural farming methods.

The aim is to advance science and research which serves to protect and develop the environment and the countryside. We seek to promote the use of regenerative, “natural survival techniques” in our area, especially
• regenerative, highly effective energy production;
• energy systems which are adapted to consumers' needs;
• production methods for the manufacture of goods using renewable raw materials.

This aim is to be achieved by
• carrying out our own measurements and tests on demonstration factories and prototypes;
• providing information on the technical parameters of these “natural survival techniques”, as well as the organisational, scientific, social and political consequences of their introduction;
• building up cooperative relationships with overseas partners, especially in southern countries, to promote suitably adapted survival techniques;
• working together with state authorities and institutions.

• The Children's Solar Centre for primary schools in Münster: the aim is to teach natural sciences to young children, thus combatting the lack of technicians in our society.
• Lighthouse projects: these are exemplary models for a complete energy supply using only renewable sources, and the use of regional cycles of materials;
• Solar-mobile: Nütec has developed a „solar-mobile“, which shows regenerative energy technologies in a graphic way, making them easy for anyone to understand.
• Solarnet-NRW: in this project we organise a combined learning and qualification scheme on the subject of renewable energy. On our website schools and pupils can publish the results of their work, see results from other schools, agree on common projects, have discussions and access external information.
• The provision of wind generators for two schools in Cuba;
• Namibia project: in 2002, Nütec, with support from Windhoek, set up a 2,13 Kwp photovoltaic energy supply system for several buildings in the school village of Baumgartsbrunn in Namibia (twinned with the Schiller Gymnasium in Münster).
• Poland project: in 2002, Nütec, with support from Kattowice, set up a 2 Kwp photovoltaic energy supply system (isolated operation) in 4. Lyceum and presented them with solar experiment kits.
•Forest School Solar Project: electricity production from a photovoltaic system with two modules.

Peter Deininger is the President of Nütec.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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