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Fondation Stamm

Ave Murembwe
B.P. 2432 Bujumbura

Telefon: +257 79930346; +257 22 22 61 3
Adresse e-mail:info@fondation-stamm.org
Interlocuteur: Verena M. Stamm

Les Thèmes

The Stamm foundation was founded in 1999 by Verena Stamm, a German nurse, who has been living in Burundi since 1972. The Foundation is a politically and religiously independent local help organization in Burundi.

Our local centers in the capital Bujumbura and several provinces of the country aim to give children, teenagers and disadvantaged members of the community, such as handicapped, traumatized, refugees and single women a new chance of their own existence and a life in decent human conditions after the long lasting war.
The goal is always to establish people´s independent existence and the long-term overcoming of poverty.

The foundation began by taking care of women and children in the numerous refugee camps during the destruction left by civil war.

Nowadays, the foundation runs many projects in the whole country.
Children´s rights:
• Refugees: Engagement of the foundation in the refugee-camp "Carama" in Bujunbura. In addition to the supply of clothes, we founded a small cultural association with dance group.
• Mother-Home "Nyubahiriza" (Kinama)
• Orphanage "Uranderera" (Mutakura)
• Streetkids-Home "Birashoboka" (Kanyosha)
• Ngozi – city: The aim of this trainingcenter and home in Ngozi (northern Burundi) is to keep the former child soldiers and unemployed away from drugs and crime and to give them an education.
• Kayanza: Roof tiles production, tailor shops and carpenters for former child soldiers and orphans; Support for albino children
• School meals
• "Ecole Polyvalente Carolus Magnus" (Kajaga): Own school of the Foundation
• Kindergarten, microcredit, and collaborative work with the population (Buterere)
• Ngozi – countryside: Agriculture project with animal husbandry. Young people - some former child soldiers and demobilised - be trained in farming and cattle breeding and reforestation.
• "Centre Médical Hippocrate" (CMH): Together with the partners of burundikids Switzerland and burundikids Germany the Fondation could develop a medical station, which opened its doors in 2010.
• Gitega – countryside: Reconstruction of buildings in the rural province of Gitega with the partner GIZ
• Kindergarten, microcredit, and collaborative work with the population (Buterere)

Verena Marion Stamm ist he Founder of the Fondation Stamm.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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