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PRO Wal- und Wüsteberg e.V.

Landstraße 28
01920 Schönteichen OT Schwosdorf

Telefon: +49 (0)3578/374170
Telefax: +49 (0)3578/374166
Adresse e-mail:info@Wal-Wueste-berg.de
Interlocuteur: Ronny Böhme

Les Thèmes

The non profit-making organisation PRO Walberg and Wüsteberg was founded at the end of 2001, with the aim of preventing the extraction of raw materials lying near ground level under the hills of Walberg, Wüsteberg and Hofeberg, near Kamenz, Germany. We campaign for the conservation of nature as well as its holistic development.

An outside company wants to quarry greywacke in this area, firstly over an area of 20 hectares on the ridge between the two hills, digging to a depth of 70 metres. Later, the quarry is to be extended to an area of up to 165 hectares – the entire hilltop would disappear! What is more, there are to be permanent waste heaps on the Bischheim side.

Our organisation is against the stone quarries on Walberg and Wüsteberg. We hope to achieve our aim by:
• coordinating the work of organisations, institutions and individuals with similar aims; exchange of expert information and advice
• discussions with relevant state institutions
• liaising between local citizens and the investors
• preventing damage to the region concerned and its residents, caused by the industrial quarrying of stone, sand, gravel etc., protecting the plants and animals from environmentally unfriendly influences and caring for the natural habitat, flora and fauna.
• publicising information about the plant and animal world as well as the geology of the area concerned.
• promoting measures to develop the region, especially green tourism.
• Organising and carrying out events and activities which should strengthen the involvement of citizens in their protection of the natural habitat of the region.

• “Herzblatt” : After the competition in Saxony for ideas, called “Up off the Sofa”, the initiatives have been decided. One of the projects is the “Herzblatt” - a newsletter run by a young editorial team, which will publish regular reports on the area. This was initiated by the Walberg and Wüsteberg Society, in Schwosdorf.
• El Camino de Santiago: The Pilgrims' Cinema was also advocated by “Up off the sofa”. In this project, the tradition of a “Pilgrims' Cinema” will be continued, and a short film will be made about the history of Schwosdorf. Contemporary witnesses will be questioned and historical sites visited, to discover the history of the village.
• constructing part of the ecumenical Pilgrims' Way as an extension to the medieval Jacob's Way which leads to Santiago de Compostela (N,W. Spain) as well as the old trade route “Via Regia” (High Road) for the roads out of Kamenz and Schwosdorf and the road into Reiche.
• renovating the milestones to Schwosdorf as significant monuments to the old trade route “Via Regia” and the Pilgrims' Way. Accompanied by recognised protectors of monuments, the milestone in its former glory, in a suitable setting, is a witness to the distant past.
• Examining feasibility – we will implement the project sketch “Nature - People – Experience” step by step.
• acquiring the Walberg – Wüsteberg House, which stands directly on the ecumenical Pilgrims' Way / Jacob's Way.

Ronny Böhme is the President of PRO Walberg and Wüsteberg.

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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