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Wohngemeinschaft De Wonne

Noorderhagen 25
7511 EK Enschede

Phone No.: +31 (0)53-4318787
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"De Wonne" is a partnership in life located in the heart of Enschede. The Dutch meaning of "Wonne" is the same as the old German word "Wonne" which means "joy or delight". "De Wonne" is an association with a hard core of people who made it their objective to share money and possessions with each other to help other people. It is a religious community that got its inspiration from the Jewish-Christian tradition, Franziskus of Assisi, Ghandi and others.

In practice, the residents of the Wonne live in a big household with about 30 guests as cohabitants. These are people in difficult situations of life (homelessness) who find a temporary home in "De Wonne" in order to be able to live independently again after some time. The people of the hard core are mentors for one or several guests in the house while psychosocial assistance is given outside of "De Wonne". Apart from that, the community is supported by many volunteers.

Every morning, the daily work is distributed in a meeting. The group runs 2 second-hand-shops and lives among other things from leftovers they get for free on market days. Four times a day, there is a possibility for prayers and reflections. The participation is voluntary. A public church service is celebrated in the meditation hall every Sunday. In addition to that, weeks to live in the group are offered to get acquainted with "De Wonne", moreover a New Year's circular and the possibility to use the rooms of "De Wonne" against payment of a small fee for events.

"De Wonne" has been existing since 1979 and gets by without government support. Another community project of "De Wonne" exists in Almelo.

We offer net participants the possibility to live in our community for a short or major period of time, to share work and spiritual life. We offer people in difficult situations of life to live with us in a family-like community.


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