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INGEAR - INitiative GEgen ARmut e.V.

Eichenweg 2
84367 Zeilarn

Phone No.: +49 (0) 176/70169965
Fax No.:
Contact person: Andreas Huber


INGEAR was founded in 2006 as a reply to the question “What can young people do to improve the world?” We only support projects with which we have private contacts.


We are a group of young people who…

- who want to help people living in so-called developing countries, especially children, disadvantaged and oppressed people as well as ill people. Trying to give them a life with prospects, we focus on basic needs and capacity building. We support ideas and structures that have been created by people living in developing countries and that are meant to give sustainable support to people who need help. We try to avoid to create new dependencies in order to make sure that our projects will need no further help from abroad one day.

- organize events of all kinds to raise money and give this money to projects that we support permanently and that meet the requirements of INGEAR projects ( INGEAR supports four different projects: a children's home in Mandini/ South Africa, the INGEAR Class of Hope in Galle/ Sri Lanka, a hospital in India, and center for children with disabilities in Ngarama/Rwanda.

- act instead of criticize.

- try to enable young people to help effectively.

- give young people the chance of working in projects abroad.

- inform about problems in developing countries and raise young people's awareness of the necessity to be a tolerant and open-minded person who contributes to a better future in our globalized world.

- work as volunteers and try to support people in need

- are willing to network with other non-profit organizations

Projects that INGEAR supports:

• INGEAR Class of Hope Sri Lanka: a school offering practical life skill subjects for young people with disabilities. The aim is the integration of the pupils into society.

• Mandini South Africa: the Brotherhood of the Blessed Gerhard was founded in 1992. Since then, the following facilities have been established: Aids orphanage; kindergarten; pre-school; clinic for under-nourished children; Aids hospice, development center (tailoring school) and many more.

• Nityaseva Hospital India: the hospital is led by the "Medical Mission Secular Institute", i.e. by the Indian branch of the "Gemeinschaft der Missionshelferinnen" (Association of mission assistants). The remote villages are provided for by qualified staff within the framework of the "Community Health Programme". Further socio-medical activities instruct local women's groups (“Mahila Mandal”) in ways to improve their situation. The “Watershed Programme” carries out rural development projects for water and soil conservation. In addition, children from poor families, especially girls, are supported in their education at several levels, thus enabling able children to prepare for vocational training.

• Wikwiheba Mwana Ruanda Centre: a center offering medical care, accommodation and supervision of handicapped children.

Andreas Huber is the founder and president of INGEAR - INitiative GEgen ARmut e.V..

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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