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La Commune di Bagnaia

53018 Sovicille

Phone No.: +39 (0)577-311014/311051
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The members of "comune di Bagnaia" base their lives and their activities on the following principles and orientations:

- All goods of the cooperative are at the disposal of all members, there is no form of private porperty. When entering the commune, the private property goes to the commune.
- There is no authoritarianism, the only decision-making organ is the general meeting.
- The commune is striving for the equality of rights of men and women, also in the household and at work.
- The commune turns away from consumerism and irrational use of raw materials and approves that the collective organization allows a better and more rational use of resources, that eco-friendly forms of agriculture are practised, that the agricultural acitivity aims at a high degree of self-supply, that the purchase of superfluous and luxury goods is avoided.
- The commune wants to protect, support and develop agriculture.
- Every member has the right to choose and to do the work that is appropriate for him.
- Every member has to participate in a responsible way in the domestic life and the production activities of the group.
- Every member has to declare his willingness to look for new forms of relationships, in particular in bringing up children as well.
- The commune makes it possible for guests to stay.
- The relationships between the persons are regarded as based upon respect, tolerance, solidarity, affection, friendship, confidence and sincerity.
- All members are requested to particiate in the daily routine of the cooperative, although forms of an incomplete living together are accepted.

We offer overnight accommodations for other net participants.


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