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freiraum-europa die expertInnen für barrierefreiheit

Wienerstraße 131 D
4020 Linz

Phone No.: +43 732 94 66 00; +43 699 14 13 23 45
Fax No.: +43 732 94 66 00
Contact person: Dir. Dietmar Robert Janoschek


freiraum-europa: the accessibility experts is an internationally active, non-profit organisation working for the disabled and advocating "design for all".

This umbrella organisation, founded in 2003, sets out to help anyone who is disabled, elderly or with restricted mobility - anyone, in fact, who is affected by structural, technical and social barriers. Our in-house trained voluntary workers also assist public authorities, organisations and companies to reduce obstacles or avoid future ones in public or private spaces.

We lobby internationally and act as a platform to publicise the need for accessibility. We establish networks and give advice on the subjects of adapted housing, building design, barrier-free IT and products. We run training courses and carry out basic scientific work and research. We develop disability-adapted products and aids and make them available to the consumer. We recommend companies which are competent in this field.

Representation of interests:
• Equal opportunities and accessibility for all
• We demand more self determination for the handicapped.
• There are 32 freiraum-europa partner organisations in 23 countries.
• Network of 150 universities and many organisations, worldwide.
Contact point and advice centre:
• Aid and advice for the disabled
• Legal fund and advice in cases of discrimination
Emergency fund for handicapped children:
• direct aid in cases where a handicap has led to financial difficulty.
• supervision of handicapped children.
Aid for handicapped orphans in Bulgaria
• Provision of clothing, food, toys, aids, medication.
• Building an orphanage and caring for blind children.
Advising, planning, evaluating, appraising:
• Accessible building and design for organisations, companies and private individuals
• Barrier-free web design
• Various lectures, courses on how best to deal with the elderly and disabled, sensory experience workshops in the dark for children and adults
• Development of EU projects, studies, polls and publications
Products for barrier-free information and mobility
• Research and development on making things accessible to all
• Advising, planning, selling and assembling.

Dir. Dietmar R. Janoschek is founder member, President and director of freiraum-europa. Furthermore, he is the first blind, sworn in and legally accredited appraiser for accessible buildings and design.

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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