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Cooperativa di Bordo

Bodhi Path Retreat Center

Frazione di Bordo
28841 Viganella VB

Phone No.: +39 0323681041
Fax No.:
Contact person: Gerhardt Frei


"Bordo is a place for the training of hearts and minds, a training oriented on the teachings of Buddha having as goal the happiness of all beings."

The habitants and friends of Bordo-Village welcome you as guest of the "Bodhi Path Retreat Center" and of the association "Amici a Bordo"

We wish you a relaxing and inspiring time at Bordo and in the Antrona Valley!

Bordo - a place where your mind settles in peace

Bordo is a mountain village in the northern Italian Alps. It is situated in the remote Antrona valley on a sunny mountain slope. The untouched nature endows us with rare plants, pure mountain water, quiet places and clean fresh air. One meets animals which have become rare in other parts of Europe, like certain butterflies, Emerald lizards, fire salamanders and bats. At night you can see the starry skies. Walking uphill you leave your daily burdens behind in the valley, while a Seilbahn brings up your baggage. You enter the village and find yourself in a world of "once upon a time", surrounded by a cluster of houses with stone walls and stone roofs, which have survived the centuries.

Wall ferns sprout between the stones, firewood is stacked for the winter, you move on ancient paths: The natural elements appeal to all our senses and are a balsam for our restless mind.

Bordo is a place to relax, to recharge and to rest. A place to live simplicity, to reflect on yourself and to enter meditation.

There are different possibilities to take part in courses and activities in Bordo, and to stay in the village for shorter or longer time. To be in the village without paved roads, in the old and historic houses, together with kind people and a caring, sprititual surrounding is a special experience for many people.


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