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Rio Puerco Alliance (RPA), Rio Puerco Management Committee (RPMC)

3250 La Paz Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Telefon: +1 505-474-6689 (office)
Adresse e-mail:rpavista@gmail.com
Interlocuteur: Emily Wolf

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The Rio Puerco Alliance (RPA) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2005 and formed by members of the Rio Puerco Management Committee (RPMC) and others working to control erosion in New Mexico´s Rio Puercowatershed.

The Rio Puerco Management Committee (RPMC) is a collaborative group of partners that regularly meet and undertake restoration projects within the Rio Puerco watershed. Participants are a diverse group of 9 federal agencies, 5 tribes, 13 state agencies, 6 non-profit organizations and interest groups, and numerous residents, landowners, and interested citizens.

The RPA´s mission is to restore the Rio Puerco watershed for present and future generations through outreach, education, and collaborative action.

The purposes of the RPA include but are not limited to:
• collecting and disseminating practical management and ecological information concerning watershed health, use, restoration, and management in the Rio Puerco watershed and throughout New Mexico.
• examining, evaluating, and promoting new concepts regarding sustainable land use in the Rio Puerco watershed and in the state.
• involving land owners, local, state, and federal elected officials, administrative agencies, and the general public in the search for solutions to watershed problems, and articulate these solutions in a clear, understandable manner.
• accomplishing its goals through workshops, outdoor classrooms, lectures, publications, site tours, consultations, collaborative demonstration projects, awards, and any other appropriate informational venue.
• initiating, designing, and implementing restoration projects that achieve the goals of the RPA and the Rio Puerco Management Committee (RPMC).
• acting as the fiscal agent for existing and proposed projects undertaken by the Rio Puerco

We undertake a variety of projects in the Rio Puerco watershed to achieve the following restoration goals:
• Sediment reduction.
• Vegetation and habitat improvement.
• Support other watershed factors, such as:
Inter-jurisdictional and inter-agency cooperation.
Socio-economic benefits.
Recognition and protection of cultural resources.
Public awareness, education, and participation.
Our diverse projects include in-channel stream restoration, water harvesting and erosion control, monitoring, and watershed education through youth projects, working with schools, and presentations to the public.

Emily Wolf is a Staff Member of the Rio Puerco Alliance (RPA) and a OSM/VISTA – Volunteer.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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