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Federazione di Damanhur

Via Pramarzo, 3
10080 Baldissero C.SE (TO)

Phone No.: +39 (0)124-512226
Fax No.: +39 (0)124-512184
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Contact person: Macao und Gazza


Damanhur lies in the Valchiusella, a particularly beautiful valley in the fore-hills of the Alpes around Piemont. It comprises about 250 hectares of wood, 5 hectares of municipal area, 60 hectares agricultural area, and more than 60 buildings, apartments, farms, laboratories and small factories belong to it. Damanhur is a modern life model. Today, it consists of more than 700 citizens and 15000 sympathizers from Italy and from all over the world who are living there.

Life is understood here as permanent meditation and search for the complete consciousness in any activity of everyday life, from work up to studies, from family life up to art. Every activity has an intellectual collective growth and the search for everything that is holy and beautiful as its objective.

In the Damanhur philosophy, every man is a part of an original divine nature which shows itself in detail in the form of possibilities which have to be woken up by an enlargement of the consciousness, even in further reincarnations up to inspiration.

Art and the search for the beautiful as well as the game are important elements, because they refine the sensibility of every citizen and common identification and consequently tradition. The way of growth goes on on a collective level with the formation of a common spirit and a common soul which leads to the development of a new people. The rediscoverage of life rhythms is striven for and celebrated.

The heart of Damanhur is the temple of the human being, the temple where people dance, sing, meditate and celebrate life. The inspirer and leader of the intellectual project is Oberto Airaudi who founded Damanhur and who lives and works there still today.

The economic philosopy is based on the combination of free businessmen and solidarity, a recipee which founded more than 40 companies and services. The manufacturing companies are organized in cooperatives. The trade is mainly directed towards the preservation of the tradition and its rejuvenations. The work ethics is oriented towards common principles, such as the quality of the products, economic sincerity and consideration for the environment.

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