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Campagna 52
06065 Passignamo S/T (PG)

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Germans, Italians, adults and young persons, parents and children joined together to put new life into the house on the Oliveto in Passignano. The old deserted farm was bought in 1981. It was in a relatively down and out state. For four years it was rebuilt, repaired and mended or even renewed in its old style. During all the work which was necessary we attached importance to preserving the original state, respectively to restore it, to emphasize the characteristics of the house: the small staircases and bay windows, the leaning roof and the bent walls, the high and low ceilings, the large and small rooms. We did not change anything of the basic structure of the house. We built it as ecologically as it was understood 200 years ago, which means mainly with natural substances, such as lime, sand and natural stone.

Many friends and acquaintances lent a helping hand: bloody beginners just as experienced carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers and electricians. Some of them came from Germany, some of them came from the place, some of them were there during the holidays, some of them lived with us for a major period of time. Most of them worked together with us without any real pay, very often there was only free board and lodging. In fact, the whole thing was made possible only with the help of numerous small and large donations without which we had not even been able to pay the building material ?

In 1980, the initiative for the association PASSALMONTE started from Munich where first of all the foundation of a free school was the centre of attention. (Within the framework of this initiative, a free Montessori-school was built in Munich). When some of the members moved to Italy in 1981, the idea came up to build a centre into which many different imaginations, concepts and practical ideas could be brought. From the very beginning, the PASSALMONTE-project has been supported by those who are working here practically, in courses, by looking after people and the further extension of the house.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 1994: until that time, more than 200 groups stayed in PASSALMONTE. Some of them to work there, others to spend their holidays there. We are happy that the interest in such simple and lasting equipped group houses has rather become greater!

We have overnight accommodations for other net participants. We can give expert advice, deliver expert opinions, give lectures, communicate up-to-date specialist infomation referring to the following subjects: (promotion of the Europen Community) and development of joint projects.


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