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Villa Piaggia 21
05010 Montegabbione

Telefon: +39 (0)763-87020
Adresse e-mail:utoprac@krenet.it
Interlocuteur: Schibel, Karl-Ludwig

Les Thèmes

Utopiaggia is a self-organized, egalitarian community which is living as close to nature as possible on 100 hectares in the hills of Umbria. In 1975, the community was formed in Lower Bavaria and has been living in Central Italy since 1982. Many of the members participated in the movement of the sixties.

Today, 20 adults and 15 adolescents and children are living in 3 houses. A big flock of sheep forms the basis for a commercial cheese production. We keep cows, horses, poultry. Pottery, craftsmanship, and language courses belong to our activities. We are looking for new members. After advance notice, visitors are warmly welcome.

After advance notice, we have a possibility for overnight accommodation for other net participants at a price of 35.-DM per day for board and lodging. We can give expert advice, draw up expert opinions, give lectures, communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts in the following fields: models of community organization, lasting models of terratorial development.


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