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Schumacher College

The old Postern, Dartington
Devon TQ9 6EA
United Kingdom

Phone No.: 01803-865934
Fax No.: 01803-866899
E-mail adress:
Contact person: Page, Inga


Hidden in the Hills of Devon, near the medieval town of Totnes, in the middle of an approximately 200 hectares wide parc, there lies Schumacher College. The land belongs to the Dartington Hall Trust, an education-oriented foundation. It is the legally and economically responsible body for the new university.

The new, alternative educational establishment was called after the late ecologist, E.F. Schumacher. His world bestseller "Small is beautiful" advanced to a book of the green movement pointing the way ahead. He was supporter of the Austrian philosopher Leopold Kohr who advocated the thesis: In most cases, something has become a little too big, if problems arise. Reduced to the human mass, these can be solved.

Small is also the Schumacher College which was opened in 1991: 25 students per course who put their names down for a course within two up to four weeks in a close exchange. Very seldom they are students in the classic sense. They are working or want to reorientate. For many, these are the annual holidays which they fill in with a Schumacher-course. A three-week stay with board and lodging costs about DM 3,000.00. Applicants from East Europe and the so-called Third World get scholarships. The Schumacher College tries to take the needs of a new age into account. The consumer-oriented system which determins all turned out to be a dead-end. New centres of life which deal with the spiritual and ecological crises of the world are necessary, which encourage again the lost capability to get in contact with nature and to accept the limits of growth. Contents of the courses are for example: "ecology and lastingness in the new world order", "ecology and psychology" or "ecology and technology". But not only a pure academic acting is demanded, but also real assistance in the kitchen and the house, because otherwise there would be a gap between vision and everyday life.

Inga Page, born in London in 1957, is a German-speaking collaborator at the Schumacher College.

After prior agreement, we offer overnight accommodations for other net participants as well as the courses described above.


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