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KarmaRiders e.V.

Jägerstraße 9
47228 Duisburg

Phone No.: +49 2065-701204; +49 (0)151-23452896
Fax No.: +49 2065-701203
Contact person: Nina Waldmüller


The non profit-making organisation Karmariders, based in Rheinhausen, Germany, raises money for projects in Northern India, helping needy children and juveniles to have an education, thus improving their long-term opportunities.

The basic idea behind our work is simple: we want to ride our bicycles and to help others at the same time. To this end, we have been organising sponsored cycle tours in which anyone can take part since 2008. We seek to motivate as many people as possible to go on the tours. Each KarmaRider aims to find as many sponsors as possible – friends, family, the boss or their local baker – who contribute a small sum for each kilometre ridden.

Members have travelled to India several times to see for themselves what the situation is in one of the poorest regions in India and to ensure that all of the funds raised reach the children directly.

With the money they raise, KarmaRiders support two educational projects in North East India, which were founded by the ChildAid Network trust. The money which is collected is solely used to support needy children and juveniles.

• Evening classes in Golaghat: with 100 € a month for teachers and school materials, we are able to provide lessons for a whole class of up to 50 children. Our funds help to cover the running costs of these village schools. The villages provide the classrooms and are involved in the development and planning of the schools.So far, over 100 village schools have been created, providing education for more than 6000 children. As well as the basic school subjects, the pupils are taught hygiene, health care and agricultural methods.
• Snehalaya – House of Hope: our funds support long-term care and education for the street children in Guwahati, who live in the Snehalaya Homes. This project pursues an integral approach, aimed at the gradual reintegration of the children into society.

Nina Waldmüller is responsible for public relations and events at KarmaRiders.

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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