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Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz 2150 Edificio Esperanza Piso 8 Of 5.
La Paz

Telefon: +591 - 2 - 2148020
Telefax: +591 - 2 - 2148020
Adresse e-mail:feria@redferia.org
Interlocuteur: Agustin Cayo

Les Thèmes

The Red FERIA organisation combines 74 state educational institutions for juveniles and adults. It has been working in the field of renewable energy and the environment since 1998, educating communities. However, technologies for the use of solar power, water and wind power as well as biomass energy cover even the most distant communities.
Red FERIA is a national network of educational institutions for juveniles and adults throughout the country. It promotes coordination, exchange, reflection, and discussion in the field of upbringing and education, aiming, through its experience and practice, to be able to change personal and communal mindsets.
Red FERIA consists of 74 units in 9 Bolivian Districts, offering the following educational services:
• Socio-humanistic education: from basic literacy to university entrance (primary and secondary schools)
• Technical training: accreditation as qualified worker, technical assistant or technician.
• Agricultural training: from technical assistant to technician.
• Community education: educational solutions to specific requirements and needs of the rural communities by means of individual workshops.

At the national level, Red FERIA works in 5 areas:

• Alternative educational processes: creation of timetables, introduction of innovations and the development of educational materials
• Training for child care workers: courses, workshops and internships for educators and mediators within the network
• Public politics: systematisation of experience in the field of education and the presentation of proposals to educational authorities and citizens’ rights organisations.
• Organisational development: strengthening the organisational structure of the network at national and regional level.
• Communication strategies: publicising the activities and suggestions of the network, producing publications.

Agustin Cayo is a member of the national group of Red FERIA.

Offers to other net participants: advice, presentations, contacts in the field of community education and renewable energy.


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