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Verein Schulprojekte Sambia

Spychertenstrasse 39B
3652 Hilterfingen

Phone No.: +33 243 43 35
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Contact person: Markus Wenger


The non-profit making organisation “Zambia School Projects”, founded in 2008, supports schools in and around Mfuwe, in East Zambia. In particular, this involves:
• building, repairing, renovating and maintaining local school buildings;
• purchasing furniture (mainly school benches and desks), equipment and school materials for the local schools; .
• supporting disadvantaged children (in particular (AIDS) orphans) in and around Mfuwe, enabling them to go to school.
• organising activities and programmes which improve the educational environment;
• organising activities in Chipemele Wildlife Education Centre (Mfuwe, Luangwa Valley, East Zambia, run by Anna und Steve Tolan – Brits who have lived in Zambia for nearly 10 years).

Our philosophy:
• Development cooperation makes sense when the projects are of a manageable size, and are firmly anchored and sustainably integrated in the community.
• A basic condition of any support given is local initiative.
• We support projects which have clear objectives and feasible concepts.
• We do not create”development ruins”, but help to implement small projects, geared to local needs.

We are convinced that:
• we can convey to the children the need to preserve the environment, and can get them to sustain resources valuable for them and the coming generations;
• when this awareness is combined with the local educational needs, our organisation, via the local schools and our guarantors (The Chipembele Trust) can be of supportive help.

Markus Wenger is the founder and President of the Zambia School Projects.

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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