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Les amis de la douceur et de l` harmonie

66230 Serralongue

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The landed property "El Faitg (21 hectares) was purchased in 1964 in a desperate condition. Viviane, founder of the community wanted to be neither owner nor tenant. Due to the fact that an association and 2 corporations were founded that have the usufructuary right for 99 years, the premises cannot be sold. Therefore, the persons who want to live and work there can do so absolutely carefree. A large garden and many fruit trees accommodate many different kinds of birds.

The buildings are renovated for the most part. Modern office facilities allow us to publish our quarterly brochure: We switched over our vegetarian diet to vegan. Many guests followed our example.

There is a former private chapel in the main building which we decorated with harmonic symbols. On top of that there is a large hall for relaxation and visualization exercises in the former granary. The community sees itself as a spot of light for harmony and gentleness. We act for a world of reciprocal assistance without money, without cruelty towards man and animals, without violence. The consumption of alcohol and animal products, even the use of leather products, are not allowed here. We hope that very soon the whole planet will reflect these values.

Self-portrait of the founder Viviane, born on March 20, 1920: Since my childhood, I have been receiving the thoughts of the great astronome, Camille Flammarion, through a medium. I know that we are immortal beings. I also know that there are innumerable populated planets in the infinity where life is indiscribably beautiful. Already at the age of 5 I revolted against the people who live on animal carcasses. I love animals very much and I know that they have an immortal soul. At the age of 18 up to 24, I have been living in the woods, with a robin as my only company. I feel instructed by Camille Flammarion to help to protect our mother EARTH.

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