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Les Communautés de L´ Arche

La Fleyssière
34650 Joncels

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The first ark community was founded in 1948 by Lanza del Vasto after he had met Ghandi together with his wife Chanterelle. The basis of our living together are: handicraft, the search for our inner self, sharing in the sense of charity to one's neighbour, simplicity of life, violence-free commitment for peace and justice - by an integral living, working and celebrating. The communities La Fleyssière and La Borie are two hamlets on the wide wild plateau of the Haut-Languedoc on the verge of Larzac. The earth is not very fertile but sufficient to feed the approximately 60 inhabitants of the community, including the animals. The daily routine is adapted to the seasons, the respective work and the different areas of responsibility and includes regular times of meditation, of silence and prayer. The ark is independent of Churches and religious or political movements. It respects the different religious convictions and encourages everyone to deepen his own tradition. The only things that are refused are selective attitudes and fanatism. This tolerance corresponds to the conviction that all people can teach us something about the one and only God of truth who is called by different names by different people.

Every member collaborates in the ecological agriculture, on the building site, in one of the workshops, in the household and/or upon the reception of groups or seminars. We live on vegetarian food. All earnings are administered together. The way of living is characterized by the effort to cut down our needs to get as little as possible into the cycle of consumption and to participate in the exploitation of the Third World. All important decisions are made together. Every authority is at the service of the individual persons and is subject to the common will. Mediation and reconciliation are the preconditions for freedom from violence in any long-term relationship.

Apart from that, we assume responsibility in society and since 1956 we have been committing ourselves in various violence-free struggles: Resistance against military and civil nuclear energy, against the Algerian war, the use of torture, struggle with the farmers of the Larzac against the expropriation of their land for the extension of a military training area, sensibilization of the Churches for freedom from violence, work for ecumenical Christianity and interreligious dialogue, training in violence-free acting. Today, there are 6 communities in France and a network of friends of the ark in various countries of Europe and the world.

We offer seminars among other things on the subjects community life and constructive solution of conflicts. Interested parties can undergo a practical training and live and work with us for a certain period of time.


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