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Mother Earth Land


32260 Seissan

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Mother Earth Land is an initiative for an ecological and integral living together on earth.

Mother Earth wants to describe us a way how to shape our energetic relationship with the earth in a positive way, a model where man and earth cooperate. The earth is regarded as a living and conscious being, as the mother of all beings and worlds and as the breeding ground of every existence. By the recognition and turn to life on earth we can approach each other and ease the tension of the old struggle who is the strongest. Our modern civilization is full of creativity and possibilities to shape and create itself. Especially this dynamic development phase of the civilization of today gives us the chance to enlarge our human task of existence. By checking our production facilities we are in a position to clear up, to refresh and redefine the energetic irregularities between earth and man. Mother Earth Land wants to support all organizations that wish to take care of the future of the earth and man in a positive way for a common existence on this planet. It wants to support the understanding of the conscious give and take. Mother Earth Land wants to develop modern methods to cultivate the earth which exercise and guarantee this give and take in a natural way and shape both more consciously and cordially.

Integral economy, ecological technology, integral reserach, positive media policy, reinforced environmental research, alternative and plant-based media, integral existence and dwelling, the borderline science of spirituality and the education in all of these fields can open us the door to a brighter and happier world of esteem and understanding of myself and my host - the earth.

Mother Earth Land is an initiative of a charitable association whose members have developed various organizations during the past 11 years for a common peaceful existence and growth. Here are some of the ideas that exist already: free kindergarten and school, various ecological farms and horticultural business, soja food production, Bio-Coop, pottery, community of artists, café, property and settlement consulting, computers, office supplies, building firm, therapy and curing, holidays, Yin-Yang-cooking school?.

In our guesthouse, we offer overnight accommodations and possibilities of board, also weeks to get to know each other (against payment). We can give expert advice for other net participants, communicate up-to-date information and arrange for contacts in the fields of diet, living together, project foundation, meditation, school, group therapy, business start-up.


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