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Handlungsnetz e. V.

SYNAGIEREN - Initiative für Gemeinsames Handeln

Kochstrasse 16
04275 Leipzig

Adresse e-mail:info@synagieren.de
Interlocuteur: Valerie Krupp

Les Thèmes

The Initiative for Concerted Action “Synagieren” is an association of undergraduates and Ph.D students, which since 2008 has been pooling good ideas, providing a scientific background, enabling collective action, encouraging intellectual exchange and finding alternatives to environmentally damaging behaviour. The democratically organised, non profit-making organisation Handlungsnetz is the official provider of all events.

Synagieren seeks to promote individuals’ ecological and social responsibility and to encourage their purposeful cooperation. To this end we have developed a new form of activity, which we call the Synagieren Wirkcamp, This combines education, involvement and creativity, thereby reacting to the ecological and social problems of the 21st century.
We create a framework for a new kind of involvement. We bring the right people together in a productive atmosphere for a short time. Each person brings their individual talents, so that together they can achieve what seemed impossible alone. We call this “synagieren” - concerted action. We offer something compact and lasting – something that will fit into the tightest schedule. Let’s be ambitious: let’s save the world this weekend!

The Wirkcamp (wirken = be effective)
• More than a mere conference: it’s not just hot air here – we actually do something. At the heart of the wirkcamp is active collaboration in 6-8 teams, each with up to 15 members. The first results are presented at the weekend.
• More than a mere workshop: there are no noted experts; everyone contributes their own expertise. Each team member learns from the others along the way. From Friday to Sunday, concrete plans are worked out and immediately put into operation.
• We call it a Wirkcamp: we want our projects to be put into effect, not just discussed. So our final aim is the successful implementation of the team project. But having fun, gaining recognition and personal exchanges are just as important.

In order to get our ideas across to the public, and to inspire people for sustainability, we offer a varied supporting programme, suitable for diverse target groups. As well as having talks and podium discussions, local initiatives can present themselves here. People committed to the cause can get together in OpenSpace and think up new ideas. In addition, there is culture, music and food provided for our busy world-savers.

Valerie Krupp has been in the Synagieren team since 2009.

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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