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Zentrum am Neumarkt

Bosshardengässchen 1
8400 Winterthur

Phone No.: +41 (0)52-2136947
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Contact person: Goldschmid, Madlonne B.


In the middle of the city of Winterthur there is the place of silence and meeting "Zentrum am Neumarkt". It offers room for people who want to deepen their faith by praying and meditating together, celebrating services, experiencing the ecumenical spirit, in personal conversation or by common commitment for disadvantaged people.

Regular offers are the celebration of the Holy Communion according to the liturgy of Taizé, meditations for women, contemplations and meditative evening prayers, silent meditations, political evening prayer and introductory courses in Christian meditation.

Madlonne B. Goldschmid, born in Winterthur in 1934, is an artisan with a studio of her own which is integrated into the centre "ora et labora". She is the director of the "Zentrum am Neumarkt" in Winterthur.

I offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants.


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