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Interlocuteur: Binder, Werner

Les Thèmes

SEBIL, a room for learning and meeting is located in the centre of Zurich. SEBIL (Arabic) means the public well from where the same water flows in different directions. It is a symbol for the different religions and spiritual directions which are different forms or ways of the one truth. SEBIL means way, path and the wise. SEBIL shall be a place for those people who want to be responsible for this world in respect of the divine and who feel themselves touched and called upon by our wounded earth.

Moreover SEBIL means the water carrier who serves thirsty people and pilgrims (which we all are the water. This aspect of give and take shall remind us that we serve this world only if we accept responsibility for what we do ourselves and translate what we got into everyday life.

In SEBIL, we organize seminars, lectures and concerts and we offer meditations regularly. At certain times during the day we keep the room open for individual praying and meditation. We also rent the rooms to people who want to work in this sense, independent of their religious roots. Collaborators of SEBIL make efforts to create conditions and situations helping to make inner spiritual experiences possible. Among othe things, we do this by giving our course and meditation room careful material and spiritual care and attention and by making efforts to foster and deepen the relationships to our interested parties, visitors and spiritual teachers.

The linking up of people, who want to accept responsibility on this earth regardless of how different their religious and cultural backgrunds may be, is also an important task for us. Encounters which we initiate take place outside our centre. SEBIL is an idea and a challenge that shall also become apparent outside our centre.

Werner Binder was born in Zurich in 1945. He is a social education worker and psychologist, he carries out single and pair therapies as well as team supervisions, he is in charge of contemplation courses and is a psychological and spiritual companion. He is a collaborator of HOLON (see there), founder and co-director of SEBIL.

We offer overnight accommodation for other net participants. Apart from that, we can give expert advice, deliver expert opinions, communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts in the fields of spiritual-psychological psychotherapy and supervision, assistance in contemplation and meditation and psychometric test advice.


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