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HOLON Netzwerk für integrale Entwicklung

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The HOLON network was founded in Basel, Switzerland on 15th March 1997. In Greek, "to holon" means whole. HOLON connects people and groups who aspire to a humane, united and ecologically sustainable society, who question materialism and growth and who want to contribute to a sustainable form of society.
HOLON is based on a holistic image of man. Body, soul and spirit form a whole, men and women have equal rights. In this view, the maturing personality reaches a higher order step by step.

Under spirituality we understand the ability to constantly sense and experience an all-embracing primal presence. It may go under various names. This relationship with the primal presence is personal and individual. HOLON represents spirituality in terms of trans-religious and inter-denominational solidarity of all people and their connection with nature. It is a source of deep humanity and love for the creation.
We are aware of our share of responsibility for everything that is on the Earth and under human control. In so far as we we contribute to shaping the life we live together, we are political.

Throughout the world, very many people are working to build a new culture and a holistic awareness. We draw our strength from the perception of this potential and from the joint work on our inner conversion.

The AGM takes place at least once a year, giving members – who may be individuals or groups – an opportunity to make contact and exchange information.

Our other current activities are:
The summer week: The HOLON summer week has evolved into an extraordinary experiment opportunity for a profound cultural and structural change. As Open Space Symposium it provides a clear framework in which the participants can contribute their own experiences, needs and questions as they choose. Together with the other participants, they can be inspired by what others have achieved, thus enabling intensive work on the "I" and the "we". In this way, a model of society in miniature is established for a week. The actual program is created during the week itself out of the situation – it evolves out of what attracts us at the moment.

Networking hike: Since the INWO invited people to the first meeting in 2006, an annual hike has been held. Each year it is organised by a different group.The hike brings together members of various organizations with social, ecological or spiritual orientation. Each participating club has the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves. Thus the event provides a casual setting to come together in dialogue and to network. So we strengthen each other on the way to a more desirable society.

On request, I/we can give other net participants a presentation, and provide up-to-date contacts, as well as information about our regular events (network hike, summer week) in the field of our work.


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