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Animal Friends Croatia (AFC)

Prijatelji zivotinja, Gajeva 47
10000 Zagreb

Phone No.: +385 1 4920226
Fax No.: +385 1 4920226
Contact person: Anita Euschen


Animal Friends Croatia (AFC) is a non-profit non governmental organization, established in 2001 with the goal to promote animal rights, animal protection and vegetarianism and veganism as an ethical, ecologically acceptable and healthy life-style. The aim of Animal Friends Croatia is to put an end to all forms of abuse, torturing and exploitation of animals.

In more than ten years of its activity, Animal Friends Croatia has organized hundreds of campaigns and demos which have focused on animal suffering in the food industry, laboratories, fur farms, hunting and fishing, the entertainment industry and which have promoted the ethical way of living.

Apart from educating through public demos, information stalls, lectures and movie projections, protests, performances and more, the organization has worked on changing relevant bills and legislation.

The organization has been active abroad and has established many successful connections and relationships with similar organizations in other countries.

Animal Friends Croatia will be active in the following areas:
• Animal breeding and exploitation and torturing for nutritional needs, for the fur industry, leather, wool, and silk, in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, for any kind of experiments, tests and researches, in hunting and fishing, and in entertaining industry (circus, zoo, aquarium, hippodromes, dog races, etc.)
• Animal protection in wilderness and protection and preservation of their natural habitant
• Protection of abandoned animals and providing safe shelters or other places where help and protection will be given to them
• Protection of all animals from individual cases of cruelty
• Protection of endangered, exotic and protected species in their natural habitat, as well as protection of these species for the purpose of trade and exploitation

Anita Euschen is the Int. Campaigns Coordinator of Animal Friends Croatia.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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