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Education Support Tibet (E.S.Tibet)

Spycher Strasse 29
8596 8596 Scherzingen

Phone No.: +41 71 671 12 55 ; +41 76 585 56 89
Fax No.:
Contact person: Lugyal Gerster


Educational Support Tibet (E.S. Tibet) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2001 and registered in Switzerland, which has established and funds the Kunpan Cultural School in Dharamsala, northern India. This school offers Tibetan adult refugees 2 years of further education in English, Chinese and Computing. All students have the opportunity to attain Cambridge University English Certificates.

The Aims of Educational Support Tibet (E.S.Tibet)
• To financially support the running of the Kunpan Cultural School for Tibetan refugees in Northern India.
• To recruit teaching volunteers from all around the world.
• To organise and manage the school´s curriculum, student intake and day to day living conditions and welfare of the students.
• To encourage and promote self-confidence in the students so that they take responsibility for their own learning and actively participate in the running of the school.
• To raise enough money to build our own bigger school and thus offer the opportunity of education to more and more Tibetan refugees in the future.
• To promote the independence of Tibetans through education, and to make an important contribution to the preservation of the traditional Tibetan culture.

Lugyal Gerster is the Founder and President of Educational Support Tibet (E.S. Tibet).

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