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Robert-Jungk Bibliothek für Zukunftsfragen

Robert-Jungk-Platz 1
5020 Salzburg

Telefon: +43 (0)662/873 206
Telefax: +43 (0)662/873 206-14
Adresse e-mail:jungk-bibliothek@salzburg.at
Interlocuteur: Eversberg, Inge und Spielmann, Dr. Walter

Les Thèmes

In 1985, the "Bibliothek für Zukunftsfragen (JBZ)" was founded as a foundation by the "Zukunftsdenker" (thinker about the future) Robert Jungk (1913-1994) with the help of the state of Salzburg. The institution which is financed by the city and the state of Salzburg as well as the Federal Government of Austria is planned as an interdisciplinary specialist library in which future-relevant knowledge is collected, analyzed and documented. The "JZB" is a partner of various international futurology institutions and cooperated among others also with the UNESCO.

The library has more than 10,000 books about 41 subjects, such as ecology, economy, politics, labour, social matters, North-South, technology series, peace, education, creativity research, futurology any many others. The stock is permanently updated. The collection, most of which can be lent, but also looked into on the spot, is completed by comprehensive archives of magazines consisting of more than periodical magazines as well as manifold material which cannot be obtained in the book trades and "AV"-media. Apart from the individual consultation, during the search for literature the "JBZ" also offers literature research services. The "Hyperrecherche" (hyper research = qualified search, also in the internet) as well as the "Top-Ten-Express-Service" (the most important informationabout the topic of your choice within not more than 24 hours) have to be particularly emphasized.

The information service "Pro Zukunft" (pro future) which appears quarterly and is published in cooperation with the publishing house Beltz offers reviews of up-to-date books and makes a quick and compact view on future-relevant new publications (many of the German spoken area) possible.

The "JBZ"-team organizes regular events (for example the "Robert-Jungk-Memorial-Lecture") and is active in the field of trend analysis and political advice. The "Salzburger Landespreis für Zukunftsforschung" (prize of the state of Salzburg for futorology) is awarded every three years upon recommendation of the board of trustees of the foundation.

By the collection and documentation of "projects of hope" the "JBZ" supports initiatives that stand up for lasting and future-compliant developments and that set the "democratization of the future" as their goal. The presentation and procurement of "future workshops" has the same objective.

Basic democratic processes are supported by the method of creative solution of a problem and finding ideas which has been developed by Robert Jungk among other things and "affected persons are turned into parties involved". The association of the "friends and sponsors of the Robert-Jungk-foundation" supports the work of the JBZ spiritually and financially.

We name specialist literature and experts for other net participants referring to a wide range of topics about the future and offer the presentation of "future workshops".


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