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Regenwaldschutz-Projekt Chanchamayo Peru

Pasaje Antonio de Sucre 137, Surco
Lima 33, Lima

Telefon: 0051-978065733
Adresse e-mail:hpetrul@aol.com
Interlocuteur: c/o Harald Petrul

Les Thèmes

The Rainforest Protection Project Chanchamayo Peru was founded in 2011 by a group of people dedicated to the preservation of the Peruvian mountain rainforest. We have a strong bond with the region of Chanchamayo, where we want to support the people without cutting down the forest any further, without poaching and without the planned uranium mining. It is an initiative to protect the rainforest and advance sustainable ecological agriculture and tourism, as well as to protect animals.

We not only want to support and monitor sustainable development on the spot, but also to campaign increasingly for the protection of the rainforest and against illegal animal trading in general. To this end, we work together with the local authorities and organisations. We know these people personally and keep in constant touch with them.

In practice, the objective of our work is to improve and encourage access to education, communication and the exchange of knowledge. It is important that people talk and write about the destructive consequences that logging, illegal hunting and mining have on nature and health, as well as on social and cultural life, and that they take action, We demonstrate that there are alternatives, involving ecologically sustainable agriculture and forestry, responsible tourism and animal protection.

• purchasing ecologically valuable plots of primary rain forest
• creating a nature trail
• a training centre and educational work
• reafforestation measures
• creating a tree nursery
• ecologically sustainable agriculture and forestry
• marking out conservation areas
• advancing locally-based, sustainable eco-tourism
• combatting illegal hunting
• building up an animal shelter
• releasing animals back into the wild

Harald Petrul is the Project Coordinator of the Rainforest Protection Project Chanchamayo Peru.

Overnight accommodation is available. On request we can offer other net participants up to date information and contacts in the field of rainforest protection, climate protection, indigenous peoples or mining in Peru and Latin America.


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