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Germanwatch e.V.

Dr.Werner-Schuster-Haus, Kaiserstr. 201
53113 Bonn

Phone No.: +49(0)228/60492-0
Fax No.: +49(0)228/60492-19
Contact person: Katrin Fillies


Germanwatch e.V. is an independent development and environmental organization that advocates for a sustainable global development.
"Observing, Analysing, Acting" - under this motto Germanwatch has been engaged since 1991 for global equity and the preservation of livelihoods. The politics and economics of the North, with their global consequences, stand at the centre of our work.
The situation of marginalised people in the South form the starting point for our engagement for sustainable development. The political and globalised market structures of the North, as well as their resource-intensive mode of production, which is now being increasingly imitated, are influencing human lives worldwide. We advocate for a political, economic and social framework which can ensure a future for the people of the South, who are being pushed to the margins of society through unbridled globalisation and whose very existence is threatened by the loss of their ecological and economic foundations of their livelihoods.

Our topics
• Climate Protection & Adaptation to climate change
• World Trade & Food
• Corporate Accountability, Financial Sector & Sustainability
• Development Policy & Development Funding

Our goals
• avoiding dangerous climate change
• protecting the most vulnerable people in developing countries from the consequences of climate change
• the implementation of human rights including the right to adequate food
• making world trade rules compatible with sustainable development and environmental protection
• a clear and sustainable framework for the economy, in particular for multinational corporations
• appropriate financing of development cooperation
• a financial market adapted to both the challenges and opportunities of the future

Our work
• We pressure the relevant actors from politics and business to support these goals – in Germany, Europe and at the international level. On the basis of scientific analysis we inform the public, conduct advocacy work and education. We reveal the way to consumers how they can effectively contribute to global equity and to the preservation of livelihoods.
• We network closely with individuals in the south, as well as with global development and environment organisations.
• To achieve our political goals, we also collaborate with companies, labour unions, and organisations concerned with consumer protection. The principle of our relation with companies is: cooperation where possible, confrontation where necessary – depending on which strategy most effectively promotes the implementation of sustainability criteria.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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