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Kenia-Hilfe-Köln e.V.

Chance für Kenias Kinder

Äußere Kanalstr. 288
50827 Köln

Phone No.: +49 162 769 28 22
Fax No.:
Contact person: Maria Stevelmanns


The aim of the non profit-making organisation Kenia-Hilfe-Köln e.V. (Kenya Aid Cologne), founded in 2007, is to enable orphans and children from poor families to receive an education. Helping them to help themselves should improve the lives of Kenyan children in the long term.

Education is the future and is the best protection against poverty, the only chance to break out of the cycle of poverty, ignorance, and disease. We provide school materials, health care, food and clothing.

A feature of our association is that we do not raise money, but collect donations in kind on the spot - food and articles for daily needs - arrange transport and then give them to the needy personally.

We build and repair kindergartens and schools for orphans and children who would have no chance of an education without our intervention. The provision of sanitary arrangements is an essential part of our work, as is supplying fresh water by building wells. We also take care of the cost of equipping classrooms, e.g. with school benches and furniture, and other school materials.

Two girls from the surroundings of the Mwazaro Nursery School have started their apprenticeships as dressmakers. We are financing their training, including examination fees, books etc., as well as travelling costs and pocket money.
The building of a tailoring workshop on the campus of the Mwazaro Nursery School is due to begin in 2012. It will be equipped with treadle sewing machines, as there is no electricity on the site.

Building and extending schools and pre-schools:
• Building a well for a supply of fresh water
• Making a firm floor for the existing classroom
• Plastering and painting the school building inside and out
• Providing sanitary arrangements
• Equipping the classrooms with benches, shelves, books, blackboards, first aid kit etc.
• Building additional classrooms
• Constructing and equipping a playground
• Medical care for needy children
• Sponsors for orphans
• Training a dressmaker. Installation of a needlework room with sewing machines etc.

Maria Stevelmanns is the President of the organisation Kenya Aid Cologne.

On request we can offer advice to other net participants and provide contacts relating to Kenya’s children.


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