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Reinhard Sellnow

Amtmannsbrücklein 1
90475 Nürnberg

Phone No.: +49 911/357761
Fax No.: +49 911/357767
Contact person: Sellnow, Reinhard


I am working as a part-time employed town planner (Nürnberg) and as a free-lance presenter/mediator and consultant in the following fields of activity:

- I initiated pilot projects in Nürnberg in the field of the "ecological town restoration": On the one hand, a land project which is striving at an ecologization of the linked up areas of life of the population of the part of the town with funds from the Federal Republic of Germany, the federal states and the town amounting to approx. 24 million German Marks (1986-1996). On the other hand, the foundation of a "foundation town ecology" which - with the help of co-founders from the economy and the housing industry - supports ecological thinking and projects and makes it easier for ecological initiatives, projects and companies to develop and to network internally (1988/1995) by renting their rooms (ecological centre).
- I give advice to local authorities in citizen participation procedures; in the case of local conflicts, I offer my service as a neutral mediator and broker between citizens/citizens' action groups and the administration and politics. This happens often in the form of citizen forums, such as traffic forums in Heidelberg (1993/94), Tübingen (1996/96) and Salzburg (1995/96), but also in the form of the presentation of workshops and future workshops. The subjects are mainly dealing with traffic, but also culture, health, village development, land consolidation etc. Since 1994, the subject organization models for a local AGENDA 21 has developed (for example presentation of the specialist forum dwelling, settling, mobility of the town of Munich, 1997). Apart from the presentation of opinion formation processes and decision-making procedures, the consensus-oriented meditation method (solution of conflicts with the help of negotiation) is applied when required.
- In the field of adult education (adult education centre, political/ecclesistical academies, city councils) as well as the advice to institutions and initiatives, I offer meditation techniques (conflict management), the spectrum of methods of creativity techniques and the future workshop (according to Prof. Robert Jungk) - both, related to the application of the solution of problems and as training of presenters and training programm.

Reinhard Sellnow was born in Berlin in 1947. He is a graduate economist and town planner.

I offer expert advice and assistance in the fields of experience: town ecology, AGENDA 21, future workshops, linked-up thinking, conflict presentation/mediation, citizen participation procedures, I can arrange for contacts, referees and seminar leaders, (grey) bibliographical references, assistance at theses for a degree, reference to current projects and exchange of experience.


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