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Sichtwechsel e.V. - für gewaltfreie Medien

Sedanstr. 39
12167 Berlin

Phone No.: +49 (0)30 4865805
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Contact person: Leonija Wuss


Sichtwechsel, a non-profit, national organisation with its headquarters in Berlin, has been operating since 1995. The people who form the association are concerned about the present media scene. They have taken on the task of raising public awareness of the need for changes in the content of the media, enabling a fundamental attack on the cumulative portrayal of violence.

Together with other initiatives with similar aims, Sichtwechsel seeks to ensure that the development of viewers – adults as well as children – is not suppressed through the consumption of violence. The organisation wishes to provoke discussion and advance the establishment of non-violent television programmes, and would like an increased consciousness of what is presented by the visual media to be commonplace. For violence in the media has an impact on the whole of society.

The demands of the organisation
• a cost-benefit calculation which examines the media in question within a wide political context.
• the establishment of information centres which deal in depth with the problem of violence in the media and its consequences.
• that in education, only films which can be seen as intellectually or spiritually enriching should be shown. Terms such as “art”, “conveying values” or “meaningful” should be queried as to their content before being integrated into educational courses.
• the appointment of a cross-party commission in the German Bundestag, to make concrete proposals for changes to the entire media output with regard to violence and pornography, and to demand the realisation of these proposals.
• the expansion of the round table talks on violence in the media, to include consumer initiatives, pediatricians, criminologists and child psychologists.
• that qualitative research of viewers should take precedance over quantitative, anonymous viewing rates.

• Events: Sichtwechsel regularly organises events on this subject, addressing the effects of films and other audio-visual media, considering the relationship between artistic freedom and youth protection, giving information on developments and trends in the media and casting a critical spotlight on them.
• Project: the setting up of an information centre on the effects of the consumption of violence in the media, to encourage a more discerning film culture.
• Exhibition: a touring exhibition “Violent pictures – why? What for? To what end?” The exhibition can be loaned out as part of a larger event or set up for a longer period in public educational establishments. .
• Texts and seminar papers on this topic to download.

Dr. Irene Wittek and Leonija Wuss are the chairpersons of Sichtwechsel e.V. für gewaltfreie Medien.

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