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Projekt Eulenspiegel

Dorfstr. 25
88142 Wasserburg

Telefon: +49 8382-887875
Telefax: +49 8382-89056
Adresse e-mail:
Interlocuteur: Koschek, Dieter

Les Thèmes

Since 1976, 10 people on an average have been living and working in the project "Eulenspiegel"; more in summer and less in winter. The linguistic chaos is just as colourful as our menu.

We try - as far as this is possible - to master the common dwelling, life and the work to be done without a manager. In these efforts to change the economic system and way of life we are just as successful as many alternative companies and communities: we did not fail, we did not succeed, the way is the goal!

The charitable association "Modell Wasserburg e.V." is the owner of the house and sponsor of the whole project. It also supports the "jedermensch-Verlag" (publishing company) located in the same house, which publishes a small quarterly appearing magazine called jedermensch (everybody) and brochures of Peter Schilinski, a founder of the project.

Apart from that, he supports the establishment of a meeting place in Comiso, Sicily. Modell Wasserburg e.V. supports social and political activities in our nearer and more distant environment in many different ways. A public round of talks takes place every Tuesday at 20.00 h. Unless indicated otherwise, the subject of conversation depends on the needs of the participants from personal questions up to a political exchange of thoughts. The round of talks shall offer a possibility to get to know and to understand other people with their completely different points of view and experience. In the case of interest, it is also possible to organize discussion groups to talk about subjects of anthroposophy and the social subdivision into three classes.

I can give expert advice to other net participants, deliver expert opinions, give a lecture, communicate up-to-date specialist information/contacts on the following topics: alternative life, self-administrated work, money for living, unemployment, work and poverty. After prior agreement, we can offer overnight accommodation at a price of DM 15.00 per night in our small wooden house (possibilities for self-supply, please bring your sleeping bag with you.


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