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Songea`s Kids

Box 539, 3020 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd SE
WA 98075 Sammamish
United States

Phone No.: +1 206 200 8001; +1 425 961 0623
Fax No.:
Contact person: Sally Farrell


Songea`s Kids is registered in 2007 as a US non profit organization, that wants to create and implement with Tanzanian partners a self-sustaining system to care for and educate the increasing numbers of children orphaned by AIDS and malaria so they can become productive members of their society

Our Vision: For the people of Songea, Tanzania, to meet basic living, health, and educational needs of their children.

Our Mission: To collaborate with Tanzanian partners to support orphans and other vulnerable children, and build self-sustaining infrastructure in Mshangano Village.

With the help of local partners and our US child sponsors we are providing the children`s basic needs of shelter, food and water, clothing, bedding and mosquito nets, basic medical care, education and the means to transport themselves to school and more

Goal one: Meet the daily and education needs of the 62 orphans deemed in greatest need by Songea child welfare officials
• Recruit sponsors to provide food, daily needs, nurturing care, medical cards and education to 62 orphans and at-risk children
• Improve health and nutrition of the kids and training for caregivers
• Collaborate with Jirani Mwema ((Good Neighbour) on needs assessment of children and effective support systems
• Identify and implement ways for caregivers to earn income so they can support the kids without outside funds
Goal two: Build Hope Village (Kijiji cha Matuamaini) in very poor Mshangano Village—homes for 160 most vulnerable children and “moms”, health clinic, nursery/pre-primary school, vocational school (project requested by village elders, local and regional officials)
• Sundberg Architectural Initiatives provides building design pro bono
• Engineers Without Borders—Puget Sound Professional Chapter designs engineering needs pro bono—green technology including high-capacity solar-powered well, rocket stoves, solar lighting, more nutritious crops, waste water recycling.
• Self-sustaining initiatives implemented to feed kids and provide income, including crop and animal raising on 100+ acres in rural Mwanamongo.
• Partnership with local government for support of health clinic and schools
• Partnerships with NGOs and businesses in Songea and throughout Tanzania
• Break cycle of poverty through good nutrition, education, business opportunities

By 2022, when the project is complete and evaluated, we will share the Hope Village model of self-sustainability with other villages facing the challenge of providing care for orphans.

Sally Farrell is the Board Chair of Songea`s Kids.

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