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Development Action for Marginalized Rural Areas (DAMRA)

Box 154, Rumphi Boma

Phone No.: +265 999 622 588, +2651372536
Fax No.:
Contact person: Flument Mkinga


Development Action for Marginalized Rural Areas (DAMRA) is a non-governmental organization operating in some of the most marginalized areas within the Rumphi district, northern Malawi.

The organization was formed in March 2004 by members of the former GTZ Border Zone Development Project (BZDP). Research in the marginal areas highlighted that these communities suffered from a severe lack of development initiatives. Therefore, DAMRA wishes to continue working in the region following on from the good work initiated by the BZDP.

By establishing DAMRA the members believe the rural communities can be empowered through sustainable development initiatives with support from DAMRA staff. In order to create a sense of ownership and ensure project sustainability, all DAMRA programs in all impact areas are conducted in a participatory manner.

DAMRA exists to facilitate positive, village led change by empowering, supporting and equipping communities. DAMRA as a participatory organisation strives to effectively promote food security. DAMRA recognises the central role of women, the environment and the need to tackle the HIV and AIDS pandemic to achieve sustainable development.

Flument Mkinga is the Founder and Executive Director of DAMRA.

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