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Weltladen Kempten - für Eine Welt e.V.

Promenadestr. 1
87435 Kempten

Telefon: +49 831/12626
Telefax: +49 831-511042
Adresse e-mail:vorstand@weltladen-kempten.de
Interlocuteur: Lorenz-Haggenmüller, Ewald

Les Thèmes

In May 1985, the association "Solidarität Dritte Welt Kempten e.V." (Solidarity Third World Kempten) was founded by 24 people. According to the statutes, the association set two objectives as its goals:

- the "financial and material support of charitable initiatives, cooperative or similar initiatives in developing countries",
- the "promotion of activities which form an awareness for the connections between industrialized countries and developing countries in our population."

To be able to do justice to these two objectives, working groups formed within the association: among others the info-group and the shop-group.

Committed people in the info-group meet with the objective to inform themselves about current economic and political matters, to familiarize themselves with the complex relationships between poverty and richness, to develop an understanding and respect for different cultures and to go to public with these requests.

The WELTLADEN (world shop), run by the shop-group sells goods from fair trade and supports cooperatives in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Down to the present day, the number of members has increased continuously. At the beginning of 1995, there were 135 members. The association as such is a member of the association "Internationale Begegnungen e.V.",(international meetings) of the BUKO (Bundeskongress entwicklungspolitischer Arbeitsgruppen) (federal congress of working groups related to development policy and Weltladen Dachverband (umbrella organization world shop). It has shares with "B3WL".

The association lives mainly on memberhip contributions and donations.

We offer other net participants information on the above mentioned subjects. Our information and working groups are open for new members.


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