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Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET)

P.O.Box 4773, Mpalanyi Lane, Makindye Mubarak Zone

Phone No.: +256783551072, +256757034854,+256703986277
Fax No.:
Contact person: Kasozi Abdu-Karim


Bakadde Foundation Network is a registered non-profit making (non-governmental Organization.) formed in 2010 created to empower the elderly community and the orphaned grand children in Uganda enabling them to effectively take part in all society activities that affect them directly and indirectly thus boost their socio-economic status.

• To enhance and empower old aged people and orphans to a better life and enable them involve fully in activities in the society.
• To promote and strengthen freedom and independence of old aged people in the region and link the gap between the youth and the elderly people in Uganda
• To initiate the community to advocate for support and education of old aged people and orphans. (Community homes)
• To change the life of poverty-stricken older people and their families through fund support, provision and empowerment through lobbying and advocating with donors.
• Training, Community Sensitization, Counselling and guidance.
• Linking beneficiaries to other development agencies or non profit organizations from other parts of the world through partnership and networking.

Programs and Projects:
BAFNET has a number of projects some of which have kick started and others are yet to begin among which includes: economic empowerment, capacity building, health, education and culture, water and sanitation, forming networks and creating networking opportunities.
• Economic empowerment: This project is divided into three categories, Provision of basic needs, Farming and revolving fund provision to engage chronically poor families in income generating activities.
• Provision of Basic needs: The organization provides feeding and provision of clothes to chronically poor families in Uganda.
• Farming: BAFNET was given land on lease for two years; we are using this small piece of land to grow food items which we give out to chronically poor families and our beneficiaries.
• Capacity building: community sensitization on the awareness, protection of the elderly, community mobilization workshop, Basic training workshops of the elderly.
• Health, education and culture: Empowering the communities to fight and control against different diseases; sensitization workshop (HIV/AIDS and other diseases), counselling, guidance and provision of other medical services (psychosocial support).
• Water and sanitation
• BAFNET Family to Family Project: Every one is kindly requested to check, sort and collect different house hold items in his/her family which he/she does not use and might be of help to some one in a different family and send them to BAFNET as donations which will be passed on as donations to Poor families
• BAFNET Sanitation Drive: This campaign was taken to the central part of Uganda in the districts of Mpigi and Wakiso where a traditional pit latrine was constructed in Sango and different donations made to the poor people and orphans
• Fishing farming
• BAFNET Kids Project/BAFNET kids home: This will be an orphanage centre where children from the age of 0-17 years will be housed, catered for and trained in different skills.
• BAFNET Family School Project: Giving of scholastic materials to different orphans,
• Friends of BAFNET annual charity walk

Kasozi Abdu Karim is the National Director of the Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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