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Initiative bessere Zukunft

Am Katzenstadel 30
86152 Augsburg

Adresse e-mail:heivoe@gmx.de
Interlocuteur: Völk, Bernhard

Les Thèmes

The environment and very many people and animals are suffering, especially in developing countries, due in part to the power of companies and politicians.
NGOs (non-government organisations) like, for instance, Amnesty International, Greepeace, Save the Rain Forest and the Society for Threatened Peoples, as well as action platforms such as Campact, Avaaz and Change call attention to this deplorable state of affairs and demand alternatives. The way do this includes preparing emails (which one can alter) to be sent to the decision makers. In this way, one can protest against exploitation, human rights violations, green genetic engineering, atomic power, hunger, environmental pollution, weapons and cruelty to animals or campaign for renewable energy. I send instructions for such actions to more than 40 people, mainly personal acquaintances, and would be glad to send to more.

In addition, I edit texts from NGOs which I alone send to decision makers. I forward the replies to the NGO whose information I used, as well as to other NGOs working in the same area.
Anyone who would like to be more involved is welcome to send me information about actions where one can take part, or other interesting texts, where possible with specific demands.

On request I/we can provide other net participants with up to date information and contacts in the field of globalisation criticism (exploitation by companies), developing countries, environment protection, protection of animals, NGOs in German-speaking countries.


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