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Connection Medien GmbH

Hauptstr. 5
84494 Niedertaufkirchen

Telefon: +49 8639-09834-17/0
Telefax: +49 8639/1219
Adresse e-mail:schneider@connection.de
Interlocuteur: Schneider, Sugata W.

Les Thèmes

It is our idea to build up a connection network that establishes contacts and connects people with each other, but also promotes the exchange of ideas and goods and in doing so it inspires confidence and solidarity.

Networks are structures in which the periphery has capacities of a central control. Every nodal point is centre as well. The ideal network does not have a central control any more. Seen from every nodal point, the rest of the network can be called periphery with the same justification. In a network, every point is the centre.

Since its beginnings in 1985, the connection has its eye on the idea of a real networking, but it is subject to the laws of the - hierarchically organized - market, which are determined by competition and reciprocal suppression. "Connection", however, is something different than a hierarchically, powerful organization. It does not only stand for the philosophy to connect heaven and earth with each other and to discover common things in the contrasts, but also for connecting the participants in the project of discovery and creation of such connections with each other in a non-hierarchical way and to emphasize the creativeness of the individual.

The medium of this networking is first of all the magazine "Connection". In the long run, however, the appropriate medium seems to be ideally the internet. The communication with the help of this medium shall be most of all active, diversified and reciprocal. Not only authors and editors shall be allowed to express themselves and communicate their message, but also the readers and users at the supposed periphery. The magazine shall be made by the readers themselves through a readers' forum where the readers can send in articles on certain subjects. In addition to that, every subscriber, who cannot only send articles to the editors at any time, but supplies them regularly with information, who organizes connection-events and makes advertising work for the Connection, who buys and resells the Connection at a reduced price and who also puts circular letters in the net himself can become a nodal point of the network, which means he can function as a central control.

Sugata W. Schneider, age-group 1952, is working as a publisher, author and course director (creativity and similar things).

We offer overnight accommodations for other net participants. We can give expert advice on the following subjects, we can give lectures, communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts: spirituality, magazine publishing, systemic advice on alternative projects that connect life and work.


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