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226 Munir Road; P.O. Box: 6013 Lahore Cantt.
Lahore Cantt

Telefon: +92-42-35600621; +92 (0)42-7061145
Telefax: +92-42-35600293
Adresse e-mail:bunyad@brain.net.pk
Interlocuteur: Shaheen Attiq-ur-Rahman

Les Thèmes

Bunyad is a non governmental, non political and non-profit NGO, registered in 1994, for improving the lives of rural families. Its programs focus on the marginalized groups, especially women and children, in order to empower communities to improve their quality of life. The main thrust of Bunyad’s programs has been literacy and education of rural women and children.

Bunyad envisions a literate, enlightened, tolerant and just society & intends to achieve this by building the capacities of rural families & communities, so they have a better tomorrow.

Empowerment of under privileged, marginalized groups particularly rural women and children through literacy, education Gender Justice & employability and economic to improve their standard of life and to enhance their capacity to be self dependent & to strengthen the social development process in communities through multi- sectoral programmes, targeting the marginalized, especially women and children

The Institute of Community Education (ICE) is constructed on Bunyad's, aiming to start trainings on various subjects related to education, capacity building of communities, livestock development, Gender, Child protection and courses on NFE/AE and Primary Education. ICE will achieve its goals through the following inter-linked function: Training, Review, Design and Development of Material, Community Education and Information Dissemination, Research and Development when fully functional.

• Literacy Projects
• Education Projects
• Child Rights
• Community development projects
• Women’s Empowerment
• Awareness & lobbying projects
• Health projects
• Micro-credit for women
• Environment [sanitation] projects

Shaheen Attiq-ur-Rahman is the Vice Chairperson of Bunyad.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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