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Telefon: +49 (0)821 / 715153
Adresse e-mail:klein-elke-trauminsel@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Elke Klein

Les Thèmes

The non profit-making organisation Friends of Dream Island47 three was founded in 2009. Its main aim is to raise funds and supply ideas for developing the Dream Island47 three project and to cover the running costs.

The Dream Island47 three project is organised by the society Dream Island47 three – a non profit-making organisation working for the inclusion of the severely disabled in the community building project Dream Island47 three.

The Dream Island47 three project wants to achieve community living accommodation for people with and without handicap. Living space for groups of five very individualistic people will be created in Augsburg, Germany, with round-the-clock care provided. It aims to offer them a feeling of security, future prospects and safety. The residents require the aid of an advocate and their very individual needs are completely met by professionals, allowing the group to live their own lives in a home community with dependable neighbours.

A building project is underway, providing communal living space for all the residents. The plan is for a barrier-free, ecological building, energy efficient, made of appropriate healthy materials, in wood construction.

With the help of the future residents, a living environment is to be created which will offer both the community space which they wish for and an individual private sphere. The community area in their own house gives the residents opportunities to get together and for communal activities. These rooms can be multi-functional and serve as seminar rooms or offices, guest apartments or meeting points. The flats are so designed that they can easily be adapted to individual needs and living situations. For instance, when the children in a family leave home, the flat can be reduced in size, with a lettable apartment divided off.

14 units are planned:
• each with 24/7 care for 5 severely handicapped residents
• barrier-free, for people of all ages
• flexible, integrated use of space
• consistently ecological, using natural building materials
• car-sharing opportunities

The committee of the main organisation Dream Island47 three and of the Friends of Dream Island47 three are doing PR work to raise funds for the project.

Elke Klein is the President of the main organisation Dream Island47 three and of the Friends of Dream Island47 three.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work. .


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