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Louisa e.V.

Kinderhilfe für Garupa/Argentinien

Kleppingstraße 7
58239 Schwerte

Phone No.: +49 (0)2304 23 86 78
Fax No.:
Contact person: Maria Ester Grulke, Sabine Hermann


Louisa – Aid for Children in Garupá, Argentina – is an initiative for social and humanitarian aid for children in a poor part of Garupá, close to the Paraguayan border. It is registered in Germany and Argentina and is non profit-making, pursuing purely humanitarian aims.

Garupá is a small village close to the Paraguayan border, in the Northern Province of Argentina. One of many slums is to be found here. Hardship, adversity and hunger are the order of the day, especially for the children. We offer the weakest members of society regular meals, clothing, medical care, and hopefully also some feeling of security.

In Germany:
• We run numerous bazaars, cultural events, collections etc. in Schwerte. All the proceeds go directly to the organisation and are mainly invested in basic care for the children of Garupá. We regularly send containers of donated goods, such as toys, clothing, writing materials etc. and we monitor the distribution to the children.
In Garupá:
• A lawyer deals with the authorities and two social workers are responsible for caring for the children and ensuring that they go to school. There are others who cultivate a piece of land to provide vegetables for them, or cut their hair. Medical care is offered once a week to children who would not get any under normal circumstances.
• In addition to the refectory and kitchen, there is now a bakery and an office and computer room for the children. An Old People's Home is being planned on the same plot, which will make our project a meeting place for young and old.

Maria Ester Grulke is the Chairperson of Louisa.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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