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Humanistische AKTION für verantwortliche Menschlichkeit

Amperstr. 32
82296 Schöngeising

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Contact person: Kuhr, Rudolf


The "Humanistische AKTION" is a charitable initiative for the promotion of responsible humanity by:

- spreading the ideal of humanism as an ethical orientation,
- well-directed suggestions to improve social conditions,
- integral development of human beings.

In view of the increasing violence against people and nature and the failure of traditional ethical standards, a new ethical orientation is long overdue and urgently necessary. Due to the fact that the general ethical orientation is officially bound to religious traditions where the human being is not the centre of interest, it is hight time to try humanism as an orientation.

Humanism joins all people in one world and overcomes the boundary to other people. It is the pragmatic answer to the question for the sense of life, the development into a responsible being. Responsibility means to have a critical distance to oneself, to be able and to want to be completely responsible for oneself and for one´s fellow men

Cooperation is called for to look for possibilities for constructive acting and to use them. Enemies shall become opponents, opponents shall become partners, partners shall become friends. Everyone can become active in the sense of the "Humanistische AKTION", in the form of intellectual analysis, conversations or cooperation in initiatives.

Rudolf Kuhr was born in Halberstadt/ Harz in 1937. He is a human being by vocation (still in training). He has got 2 (grown-up) children, he is married for the second time, without gainful employment but not out of work. He is a humanist, an agnostic and a househusband. He is interested in humanism as an ethical orientation, psychology and the chosen family and he is looking for persons who are interested in the subject:"to get older with fun/friends".

After prior agreement, I can give expert advice to other net participants on the subjects: "humanistic orientation and sense of life".


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