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pro mente steiermark

Gesellschaft für psychische und soziale Gesundheit

Eisteichgasse 17
8042 Graz

Phone No.: +43 664 11 00 978; +43(0)316 71 42 45
Fax No.: +43(0)316 71 42 45 12
Contact person: Andrea Zeitlinger


In 1989 Andrea Zeitlinger founded the first employment training centre for the mentally ill in Graz, Austria.

Today, the psycho-social service provider pro mente cares for 1,500 people in the whole of Styria and provides:
• job integration schemes
• prophylactic measures and advice concerning depression, burn-out and mental health in the workplace, including online advice.
• activities creating a structured day
• sport and exercise activities
• living arrangements for the psychologically impaired

"pro mente steiermark" is a non profit-making, non-party, non-denominational service organisation.

The aim of pro mente steiermark is to help psycho-socially disadvantaged and impaired people by:
• seeking the general observance of human rights,
• improving and safeguarding their position in society,
• improving their care, welfare and supervision in medical, psychological, social and economic affairs.

The emphasis should continue to be on cooperation with those affected, with their relatives and with professionals. The objective is to have a comprehensive support network and facilities fitting the requirements and demands of certain people in need.

One of our main tasks is integration into the social fabric. This involves creating the necessary structural and societal conditions.

Thus we regard informing the public about mental disturbance, its roots in society and its consquences, as our sociopolitical duty.

Andrea Zeitlinger is the founder and president of pro mente steiermark.

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation, a consultation, an expert opinion or make a a presentation. We can provide up to date information and contacts in the field of mental health.
Further means of support: help with the development of projects, activities and initiatives for and with people in the field of mental health.


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