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Gesundheitsladen München e.V.

Informations- und Kommunikationszentrum

Waltherstr. 16a
80337 München

Phone No.: +49 89/772565
Fax No.: +49 89/7250474
Contact person: Schulte-Bachalt, Adelheid


The "Gesundheitsladen München e.V." is a charitable information and communication centre. Since 1980, it has been offering a shelter for people looking for advice and a forum for all who want to become active in the health system. The members are experts and laymen who stand up for improvements in the health system.

Important objectives are a human and patient-oriented medicine, the emphasis on the psychological, social and ecological facts of health and illness, a democratization of the health sector, promotion of self-help and commitment to healthy living conditions for all.

Information on institutions, self-help groups, events, books and magazines are collected and passed on. There is a small library and our archives called "Von Aids bis Zahn" (literal translation: from aids to tooth).

We are working together with other initiatives and specialist institutions in the municipalities, cities and all over Germany.

In working groups which are open to all interested parties, we are dealing with subjects such as municipal health promotion, indoor poisons, traffic, health-information-network, asylum, the Third World, social work in the health sector ? We contribute to the information of the public by lectures, seminars, brochures, the publishing of a newspaper and exhibitions such as . "Schlechte Luft im Kinderzimmer - Gifte in Innenräumen" (bad air in children´s rooms - poison in the interior) and "Patientenrechte/Ärztepflichten" (patients´ rights - doctors´ duties)(can be lent).

The association is financed with member contributions, donations and subsidies of the capital of the Land Munich.

The centre for patients originates from a working group of the health shop. It offers independent advice and information. The main emphasis lies on the psycho-social individual assistance.

After prior agreement, we offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants, we give expert advice, lectures and communicate spcialist information and arrange for contacts referring to the subjects rights and support of patients.


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