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AMICA Schweiz

Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum Educa

4102 Binningen 2

Phone No.: +41 61 421 81 08
Fax No.:
Contact person: Andrea von Bidder


In 1996, AMICA Switzerland founded a centre for traumatised women and children in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina and it has financed it since then. The house was bought in 2001 for the local NGO “AMICA Educa”. Social workers, psychotherapists, doctors, teachers and students are trained (or receive further education) in modern trauma treatments. These courses often lead to a beneficial combination of psychological education and healing therapies. AMICA also advises and supervises women and children who have been victims of violence – and increasingly also disorientated men.

Activities / services offered
• Training and further education of women in the four trauma therapies; creative expression through painting, universal peace dancing, family dynamics and non-violent communication.
• Seminars for those studying, in cooperation with Tuzla University.
• Seminars in music therapy.
• SOS-Telephone: Psychological and legal advice with the application of elements of family therapy.
• Psychological advice individually and in groups.
• Weekly meetings for people interested.
• Live again: Supervision of women's groups in the Republic of Srpska (Serbia) and in refugee camps.
• Creation of a family advice centre – together with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Basic principles / Objectives:
• Helping people, especially women and children, to help themselves.
• Snowball effect.
• Distant goal: Independence of the local NGO “Amica Educa”.

Andrea von Bidder is the president of AMICA Switzerland.

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