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Kurdistan Kultur- und Hilfsverein e.V.

Kottbusser Str. 3
10999 Berlin

Phone No.: +49 (0)30-6189207
Fax No.: +49 (0)30-6113319
Contact person: Herr Aktas


In the seventies, the Kurdish movement in Turkey strengthened and at the same time, many migrants in Germany began to define themselves as Kurds rather than Turks. In order to give their work long term prospects, in 1974 Kurdish workers and students founded the first association of Kurdish migrants, the Kurdistan Culture and Aid Association. This has become a popular contact point for Kurdish migrants and refugees is now also used by children of the second and third generation.

• To foster and develop the Kurdish identity of Kurdish women in Berlin. To this end, particular attention is paid to Kurdish culture (music, folk dancing, literature). A folk dance group and a music group meet regularly in the rooms of the Association.
• To encourage the integration of Kurdish women into German society by offering advice, courses (e.g. language courses), seminars and other events. Here, the association focuses particularly on working with women.
• To teach and inform the German population about the situation in Kurdistan and about the circumstances of Kurdish women in Germany.

• The social and health care integration of young refugees: the project consists of improving language skills, (German lessons centred on language for the workplace), imparting knowledge concerning rights and obligations, what the health services have to offer, dealing with authorities and controlling one's own body language.
• Right of residence through employment: help with job searches for those with residence permits and for refugees with access to the labour market; skills evaluation, occupational orientation, short qualification courses, raising awareness of potential employers, jobs available. Depending on need, preparation for job interviews, coaching, help with integration.
• PBF – Occupational orientation for women refugees: PBF offers a 10 month full time course for everyone, involving preparation for jobs in medical, care and social fields.
• Hêlin children's day care centre: the aim is to improve integration at an early age and to raise children biculturally. This we hope to achieve by bilingual upbringing by German and Kurdish workers.
• Child-parent language project
• Integration courses (DfM), integration und participation: to this end, our association offers integration courses, women's integration courses, youth work, seminars and symposia for Kurds and other interested migrant groups.
• Project BSIS: work and social integration of young offenders with a migration background.
• Prevention of domestic violence involving children, juveniles and parents. Children and juveniles over 12 years of age, parents and others involved in child-raising, are informed about and sensitised to domestic violence.

Herr Aktas is the president of the Kurdistan Culture and Aid Association.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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