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ÖKODORF-Institut für Wohnprojekte

Alpenblickstr. 12
79737 Herrischried-Niedergebisbach

Telefon: +49 7764/933999
Telefax: +49 7764/933388
Adresse e-mail:meyer@gemeinschaften.de
Interlocuteur: Ainjali Meyer, Sabine und Karl-Heinz dieter

Les Thèmes

Most important in the "Ökodorf-Institut" (institute eco-village) is life in communities. Since 1980, we have been offering individual advice for search for and foundation of communities in which the vocational and common previous experience is taken into account. Then, the common motives and wishes are worked out. Finally, we draw up literature and project lists with personal experience furnished with a commentary.

We also deal with research assignments from universities, authorities, parties, foundations ? Our main interest is the well-founded evaluation of common experience and to pass them on in order to solve problems of the complete society. We offer lectures, seminars etc. to make the results of our research work avaiable for the public. We report on the garden of life, other communities and special common subjects. The search for ecological and socially friendly forms of society is most important. Particularly inspiring are our annual New Year's Eve meetings and ÖKODORF-festivals in summer (meetings of communities, foundation initiatives and interested parties).

Due to our contacts within the community and eco-village movement we are informed again and again about new community literature, just as residual editions and grey literature, which are not available in bookshops (any more) - but with us!

The Lower Saxon housing association "Lebensgarten" (garden of life) can no longer accommodate the great number of people who want to live there as well. This was one of the reasons why - through the initiative of the "ÖKODORF-Institut" - an "offspring" was established in Südbaden: the "Delphin-Gemeinschaft" (community of dolphins). A higher degree of self-supply and a little more common activities will be there in all fields of society: integration of children, sick persons, disabled, unemployed, old people ? into the community or care in their familiar surroundings as well as different forms of healing and therapy. The following exist already: barter ring, bio-purchasing cooperative. Car sharing, health community instead of health insurance, regular meditation and singing of songs of different spiritual directions.

Karl-Heinz Meyer was born in Heersum near Hildesheim in 1959, Sabine Ainjali Meyer was born Berlin in 1957.

After prior agreement, we offer overnight accommodations for other net participants. Upon request, it is possible to participate in common singing, dancing, meditation. Apart from that, we can give expert advice in the fields of "ecological villages, ecological every day life, traffic and bicycle, spirituality and life guidance". We can deliver expert opinions, give lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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