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Lebendige Erde e.V.

gemeinnütziger Verein für Entwicklungehilfe und Völkerverständigung

28215 Bremen

Telefon: +49 (0)421-372137
Adresse e-mail:lebendige.erde@web.de
Interlocuteur: Rudolf Mentges

Les Thèmes

You can regard Vodoun religion as the heart of Haiti. For this reason we called our association "Herz (= heart) von (=of) Haiti ". It was registered in Germany in december 1999 and accepted as for the public benefit with the aims of development aid and international understanding. In February the association has changed its name in “Lebendige Erde” (Living Earth) and has extended statutes in a way that we can operate in other countries too.

We want to help the Haitians with “help to self-help” to live a life beyond the subsistence level as a foundation for their living culture.

Our cooperation- partner in Haiti is the "Association Ayizan Velekete", whose members are Haitians.

Activities in context with Development Aid:
Work in different Lakous (community of around 500 members), including:
• Contribution to the restauration of one of the oldest temples in Haiti
• Set up of a chicken-coop
• Construction of an artesian well
• Building toilet facilities and shower
• Construction of a waterbassin in front of the well
• Construction of a primary school
• Construction of a botanical garden
• Participation in building a new temple
• a trades center: installing workshops of different trades like ironwork, woodwork, bakery, etc
• a health center
• a small "Vodoun and History Museum"
• Contribution to the setting up of "INSTITUTE OF TRADITIONAL HEALING" in the LAKOU MARIANI

Activities in context with international understanding:
• To bring informations about Haitian culture and our work before the German public
• Collecting and archiving prayers, songs and rhythms connected with ceremonies in Haiti.
• drum and dance-workshop with songs from Haiti
• Exhibition of a large collection of Vodoun art

Rudolf Mentges is the 1st chairman of "Living Earth e.V..

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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