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According to the motto " acting is worth while " we founded the association "Rüstungs-Informationsbüro B.-W." in Freiburg in 1992. According to the motto "think globally, act locally" the members of the "RIB" make it their task to stand up actively against the production and exports of weapons in the centre of the German armaments industry.

According to the vision of a more humane and fairer world, we want to change a lot. Our objectives are the stopping of all weapon exports, the conversion from the military to a reasonable civil production (conversion of armaments) and a world without any armed forces.

To achieve these objectives, we are working on concrete steps, we negotiate with managers of armament-producing companies, we discussed with officers, we inform during lectures and panel discussions or we carry out violence-free actions.

"RIB" has already achieved something. In 1994, "RIB" co-founded the "Dachverband der Kritischen AktionärInnen Daimler-Benz" (umbrella organization of the critical shareholders Daimler-Benz) and entered into the first dialogue with the executive boards of Dasa. In summer 1995, the Federal Review Board placed magazines which were morally damaging to juveniles, such as the soldier magazine "Soldier of Fortune" on the index on request of "RIB".

Critical Daimler-Benz-archives were built up which are unique nationwide. Since 1996, "RIB" has also been supporting the land-mine campaign and belongs to the initiative-circle "Daimler-Minen Stoppen" (stop Daimler mines). With its disarmament concept "FÜNF für Frieden" (FIVE for peace) "RIB" set new trends in the discussion about a reduction and conversion of armament.

The circular letter of "RIB" informs in regular intervals about current research work and information. In the "RIB"-archives in Freiburg discriminating background material is being collected.

We can arrange for qualified referees to give lectures on the subjects armaments industry and exports of arms as well as policy of peace, moreover further reaching contacts. Up-to-date specialist information can be obtained from the archives.


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